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Trinidad & Tobago’s
House of Angostura, a brand usually known for their bitters, has just released a limited edition premium rum with a backstory that is almost as impressive as the taste. Angostura 1919 was crafted from the very few casks that survived a historic and devastating fire that ravaged the The Government Rum Bond in 1932.

The few casks remaining were a batch from (You guessed it!) 1919. After being thoroughly tested, the casks were found to still maintain a pleasant taste, with the smoky residue of the fire adding to the flavor.

Today, you’ll taste the charred flavor of the blackened wood combined with citrus notes and just hint of butterscotch. The smoky, sweet drink is best when blended with other citrus flavored drinks (or Angosturas’ own bitters) to make a Rum Old Fashioned.

To see where to purchase, visit: angosturarum.com/WhereToBuy

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